Tavia decided to spam on Twitter

And the conversation that followed:

Jeremy Iamurri: Taviaaaaa

Jeremy Iamurri: What are you doooiiinnnggg

Tavia Morra: <3

Tavia Morra: «333!!!


Tavia Morra: «<333333!!!

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  • 2 years ago

In other news…


Don’t worry, I beat him, I just forgot how frustrating of a fight he is if you don’t know all of the tricks (hiding in the deku shrub to prevent damage, using bombs to distract and kill the rabid moths, etc.).

That is all.

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I forgot the combination on my trumpet’s padlock…

So what did I do? I cracked it open…

I learned something new today! Briefcase style padlocks are kind of amusingly easy to open.

PLEASE NOTE: I am in no way endorsing cracking open random people’s briefcases or whatever uses that style padlock. I just really wanted to play my trumpet and I didn’t want to have to break the lock on its case.

Yes, my trumpet’s case has a lock. Yes, I know, it’s weird. It came with it.

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So I’m working on a song for Homestuck…

And I link it to Mark, whom asked:

Mark: so what are you using for the guitar?
Me: Thomas Ferkol’s fingers.


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